We welcome you to the first ever edition of The Neural Hack - an AI-based Hackathon, powered by ACM-W VIT Community and ACM-VIT.

Ready to develop your next AI-enabled application? ACM-VIT is proud to present The Neural Hack to cap off the year 2020. Whether you're well-versed in Machine Learning or a newcomer to the space, we invite developers from all backgrounds to solve real-world problems with innovative AI solutions. Mark your calendars for 4th & 5th December for a thrilling 36-hour hack!

Hackathon Schedule:

The hackathon will begin on December 4th at 11:00 IST.

Our guest speaker, Dr. Ganna Pogrebna, will host a session on December 4th on YouTube livestream. (more details on our Discord)

The hackathon will end on December 5th at 23:00 IST.


  • Team size: 2-4 members
  • Atleast 50% of team members must be women



To help focus on your ideation process, we’ve developed four tracks or impact areas, for you to hack in.

1.Community and Equality

With the growing tensions in our society with regards to identity, race and politics we deemed it appropriate for our first track to be Community & Equality.

2.Health care and crisis response

The COVID-19 pandemic left the world helpless as we struggled our way to tackle a disaster. Our unpreparedness made us realize that we must improve our health care sector. Introducing our second track Health care & crisis response.

3.Entertainment and life hacks

Given an almost year-long lockdown, people were stuck at home 24/7 resorting to entertainment heavily on the virtual medium. There’s a massive fan following of social media & streaming platforms, which can only grow. Presenting our third track Entertainment and life hacks.

4.Security and Surveillance

There’s been a surge in thefts and break-ins, causing people to fear for their lives even in the safety of their own home. There is much progress to be made when it comes to security. Introducing our final track, Security and surveillance.

Submission Requirements

  • Your team needs to build a unique application based on popular AI technology
  • The code needs to be entirely your own and stored in a GitHub Repository with a suitable license.
  • Your team needs to record a 2-3 minute video, explaining your approach and demonstrating your solution.

Hackathon Sponsors


2,000 in prizes

First Prize

Egghead.io (1 year license)
Techism+ (full stack web development training)
Interwebs.host (web hosting license)

Second Prize

Egghead.io (1 year license)
Interwebs.host (web hosting license)

Third Prize

Egghead.io (1 year license)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Eesha Shetty
Technical Director, ACM-VIT

Iishi Patel
Research Lead, ACM-VIT


Judging Criteria

  • Originality
  • AI Technology Used

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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